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Pen on Serial Experiments Lain

God is in the Wired in ‘Serial Experiments Lain’ Widespread Internet use was still in its early stages in 1998. But Serial Experiments Lain, a single anime series running that year on late-night TV, introduced an extraordinary depiction of all … Continue reading

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A Week in Rome (featuring the kind of random writing I haven’t done in forever)

So, I spent a week in Rome. I came back and had some news to share when I got back in town. So… what was it like? This post aims to answer that very question using some of the many … Continue reading

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Charles Trenet x Goodfellas x Lost

This song follows me around. Charles Trenet Wrote and Recorded the Song La Mer He wrote it in 1943 and then recorded it in 1946. For those of you keeping track, Charles Trenet also sang Boum, which was used in … Continue reading

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Two Items Missing from the Lost Auction Catalog That I Would Bid on if They Were Included in the Auction

I got the Lost Auction catalog from Profiles in History this week. It’s a well put together collection, and I’ve got a short list of about 7-8 items to potentially bid on in a few weeks. I am somewhat disappointed … Continue reading

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Movies 2009 #27 Caprica

Did I mention I was catching up with Battlestar Galactica? I was. I finished the series about three weeks ago. Dare I say I frakking loved it? frak me, I loved that show. Frak rak frak, Space opera + drunk … Continue reading

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