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Monster Month: Best Monster Ever? Godzilla is the Clear Choice.

You would argue with this choice? I would not. Godzilla = best. Creature Double Feature FTW.

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I'm Catching Up With Two Different TV Shows Right Now- Mad Men and Battlestar Galactica

I’m watching an episode or two pretty of each much every day. For those of you keeping track, I’m in season 4 of BSG and JUST starting season 2 of Mad Men. Please, with that in mind, no spoilers in … Continue reading

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BuzzFeed on The Mighty Boosh – Which Gives Me An Excuse to Post "Old Gregg"

Read up on The Mighty Boosh at BuzzFeed. But only after you watch this clip from “The Legend of Old Gregg” (NSFWish?) “I’m Old Gregg!” Intrigued? Here’s the whole episode on Google Video. OLD GREGG on myspace

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Yet another reason to watch Les Stroud.

Les carries his own camera gear, films himself and, oh, he’s not a phony. Bear Grylls? Sleeping in hotels. ABC News: ‘Wild’ Storm: Reality Survival Show Faked Besides that, and that’s bad enough, he’s a show-boater. He’s always jumping off … Continue reading

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The Rakes

Glad they mentioned it because it’s the single funniest thing I’ve ever seen. In #4 from The best ”Simpsons” episodes, Nos. 1-5: “We’re referring, of course, to the rakes. Think about it. How many other series would waste valuable prime-time … Continue reading

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