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Catching up on 2012… Food

Catching up on all the writing I didn’t do in 2012 in the last week of the year. Fun times. My Best Meal This is a tie. I got (probably) the last reservation available one night in March at Le … Continue reading

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A Week in Rome (featuring the kind of random writing I haven’t done in forever)

So, I spent a week in Rome. I came back and had some news to share when I got back in town. So… what was it like? This post aims to answer that very question using some of the many … Continue reading

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LA Photos Part 1, the Vacation Edition

There will be three photo dumps from my trip. This one is just random “vacation” photos. The next will be street graffiti and the third will be from Art in the Streets. Enjoy!

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A Bunch of Random Photos

I’ve mentioned the huge content backlog I’ve got? No? I’ve got a huge content backlog. Here are some photos. (there were originally five photos in this post. Then I added more) From the Bike-A-Thon Imported Route (06/26/2011) Find more Cycling … Continue reading

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Recommended Stuff in Italy- Hotels, Restaurants, etc…

Here’s the big catch all post for links to cool shit in Italy. This will mostly be restaurant/bar/cafe links, but there are a couple of other things sneaking in as well, so if you’re thinking of going to Rome or … Continue reading

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