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Graffiti Photos from Rome, Milan and Venice

I just got back from Italy. As I always do when I travel, I took graffiti photos. Here are a few highlights. Be sure to check out my photostream for the full glory. Trains 1UP CREW Out of Towners Random

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A Giant William Morris Hunt Throwing Roman Abramovich’s Mega Yacht into the Venice Lagoon.

This is a work entitled We Sit Starving Amidst Our Gold by artist Jeremy Deller. It’s featured at the Great British pavilion at the Biennale Venezia. Is that cool or what? Also, Ai WeiWei

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Keep Sweep- The Many Glories of Rome and Other Things

I’ve been using Google Keep recently to track to-dos and URLs I want to revisit across devices. It works pretty well. Anyway, some of the things I’ve collected might be of interest to people other than just me, so I … Continue reading

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The Coolest Thing I’ll Get in the Mail This Week

Nearly 2000 years old. It’s worth less than it would be if you could have earned compound interest over all those years, but it’s still pretty cool. I’m trying to buy coins featuring the Julio-Claudian Emperors. This is the second … Continue reading

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A Week in Rome (featuring the kind of random writing I haven’t done in forever)

So, I spent a week in Rome. I came back and had some news to share when I got back in town. So… what was it like? This post aims to answer that very question using some of the many … Continue reading

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