Two Items Missing from the Lost Auction Catalog That I Would Bid on if They Were Included in the Auction

I got the Lost Auction catalog from Profiles in History this week. It’s a well put together collection, and I’ve got a short list of about 7-8 items to potentially bid on in a few weeks.

I am somewhat disappointed that two items I was hoping would be in the catalog never made it into the listing.

I bet you’re wondering what they are. I’ll tell you. I’m just that kind of guy.

A Crazy Bearded Jack Shepherd Pill Bottle

Jack, guzzling pills and booze, stumbles through life desperately trying to forget and then finally trying to return to the island. Throughout the incredible last episode of Season 3 (which introduces the flash forwards) and the entirety of Season 4 we’re presented with a new, “lost” Jack. He’d succeeded, at least partially, in getting people off the island, but he’s wracked by guilt about those he left behind and the nagging suspicion they should never have left in the first place.

Part tragedy, part comedy and as always one of the defining characters of the season, the story of Crazy Bearded Jack was a favorite chapter in the show for me. I loved that they had the guts to put him so far off the rails and it just punctuates the wide, wide range of emotions and experience the characters were subjected to throughout the show’s run. Lost wasn’t just smoke monsters and mysteries, it was screwed-up, flawed characters like Jack trying to make sense of it all and, more often than not, failing. I love that about Lost.

So anyway, what I wanted was one of the pill bottles he’s seen with throughout the season because nothing says “Crazy Bearded Jack” more than a bottle full of pills with his name on the label.

Also, if I get an object, and not something I can frame, I want it to be small.

Sadly, not in the auction.

Profiles in History people, if you’re listening and can score some Jack Shephard pills, lemme know!

The Bottle of McCutcheon Desmond, Hurley and Charlie share in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”

“You’re gonna die Charlie”

I love Scotch. It’s true. Desmond Hume is one of my favorite characters on the show, Hurley’s not far behind and Charlie’s eventual end (which is set into motion by this scene) is probably my favorite moment in the entire show. Therefore… I was hoping they would have the bottle they find in Sawyer’s stash and share on the beach in the auction. There’s plenty of Dharma booze, and a couple bottles form the monastery that Desmond stays at, but no McCutcheon at all, never mind this specific bottle.


Beyond those two small disappointments, I am excited about the auction and I’ll definitely keep you all up-to-date if I do win anything…

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