Movies 2009 #27 Caprica

Did I mention I was catching up with Battlestar Galactica? I was. I finished the series about three weeks ago. Dare I say I frakking loved it? frak me, I loved that show. Frak rak frak,

Space opera + drunk people unraveling emotionally + a crazy overarching mystery = motherfrakking great television.

frakkety frak frak frak.

Anyway, so I watched the prequel movie/pilot for the news series, Caprica and it too was great. It wasn’t really what I expected. It was actually more Cylon: the Origin, than anything about the Caprica I knew from the show. Thing is, the origin story was so clever and well executed it didn’t really matter that it wasn’t what I expected. It was way cooler than that. So if you’ve seen the show and avoided this, for whatever reason, get off your ass and check it out. It’s frakking great. I can’t wait for the ongoing series to start up.

(no more frak jokes after this I swear.)

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