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Marvel Used My Art Without Permission in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

This happened a year ago and I never had the time to properly follow up with Marvel about this. It turned out the penciler was responsible and she felt terrible about it. I traded some emails with her. I would … Continue reading

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No Sign of Smoke

In this painting at least. This is from the top of Bussey Hill in the Arboretum and it wasn’t until we rode our bikes down the hill that we realized there was a bit of a haze in the air. … Continue reading

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Movies 2010 #12 Exit Through the Gift Shop

After watching this, I’m not sure if we’ve won or lost. I mean, by most measures the careers of just Banksy and Shepard Fairey alone are enough to signal that street art has “made it,” so at some level we’ve … Continue reading

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I'm Seriously Confused After Having Watched This Ad

What mad genius made this and called it a commercial? And for a bank? It’s actually quite a memorable spot, but… for HSBC? Seriously? via via via

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This is the Science Fiction of My Youth Made True

It’s not like this would be the foundation of one of the novels I grew up devouring, but it definitely would have been an anecdote. The scene- a woman, Ines Brunn, a German, rides a wheelie for about a mile … Continue reading

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