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And now, a Japanese word- "gomiburoggu"

I was reading this article- Technorati: Big business with bogus data; when I came across this Japanese word: “gomiburoggu” gomi (trash*) + buroggu (blogs**) Now you know how to refer to fake blogs in Japanese. I bet you didn’t think … Continue reading

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Youtubin' Friday: Seijun Suzuki Tokyo Drifter trailer

This is a great film. Truly one of my favorites. This trailer captures the feel of it pretty well. By the way, if anyone has a copy of Tokyo Nagaremono that they’d like to share with me I’m all ears.

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Movies 2007 #9 No Regrets for our Youth, #10 A Touch of Zen and #11 The Amphibian Man

Touch of Zen (Ws Sub Dol) A real classic. I’ve got a crazy backlog of half-finished reviews that I really ought to work through, but this film really deserves a write up. I’ve actually kept it, instead of sending it … Continue reading

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