Movies 2007 #9 No Regrets for our Youth, #10 A Touch of Zen and #11 The Amphibian Man

Touch of Zen (Ws Sub Dol) A real classic. I’ve got a crazy backlog of half-finished reviews that I really ought to work through, but this film really deserves a write up. I’ve actually kept it, instead of sending it back for just that reason. Maybe this weekend.

The short review? A true genre classic. Maybe not a perfect film, but its quality and place in history make it a vital film in the history of Hong Kong martial arts cinema.

No Regrets for Our Youth I was surprised by how much I liked this. I mean, I expect to like Kurosawa’s work at this point, having seen and enjoyed so many of his films, but this really had some unexpected high points. I won’t go into too much depth as it’s late and I’m tired, but No Regrets for Our Youth is absolutely littered with brilliant moments and functions almost equally well as a whole. One shorthand metric I like to use when evaluating a film is the number of distinct instances I can remember a few days or a week after watching a film and here I can remember probably a dozen.

The Amphibian Man A bizarre, bizarre film. It’s like (and it probably is) a bunch of Russians got some bootleg American sci-fi films from the 50s, watched them all in a weekend and then decided to make their own freaky Russian version that espoused the Soviet ideal.

While drunk.

And on acid.

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