Many Italian (Rome/Roma and Florence/Firenze) Graffiti flicks posted on flickr

Many, many, many photos posted to flickr. Including things like this OCLOCK in Roma:

OCLOCK Roman Street Graffiti

and this GHOST RIS in Florence

GHOST RIS florentine street graffiti

to see them all click through to this STAM and MR MAN on the tiber and click “more” a lot (the arrow on the right 🙂 )

Roman Street Graffiti

Both cities are bombed. Rome more so (some areas are absolutely grilled), although the quality there, on the whole, is actually pretty bad. The styles in Florence were much better. I liked Rome, as a visitor, more than Florence, but as a writer I liked the stuff in Florence. A lot of the Roman hand styles were plainly bad. Which surprised me since it’s so active there you’d expect the quality to be a little better.

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