The end of a really insane era

One of the all-time greatest time-wasters in the history of the Internet has shuttered its doors. It’s true, Trip’s TagPage Mayhem Chat no is longer in service. A goddamned shame if you ask me. No where else could you see unbridled lunacy, endless venom, sexual deviancy and insane level of NYC graffiti lore that Mayhem Chat provided. Sure, the app, which Trip himself wrote (and he did get his name from taking acid and going bombing), sucked and the signal to noise ration was sometime pitiful (no flood controls,) but there were things I saw on there that you would never in a million years see anywhere else. The gritty NYC history, the ridiculous rumours, the catty bullshit… it was gloriously fucked up and it will be missed. Thanks Trip, I’m sure you have your reasons, but this lurker will miss that service like there’s no tomorrow.

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