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Books 2010 #16 The Grand Design

I’m no physicist, and even I know that The Grand Design is a little premature. It’s also a little bit of linkbait owing to the examination of the need for a creator to set the universe in motion (“ZOMG, Hawking … Continue reading

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Oh, That Bug? "Resolved- Cannot Reproduce." I Blame Cosmic Rays.

From this month’s Scientific American, we have this sidebar: Zapping Your Computer A superstorm might well have strange effects on electronics. The high-energy protons that reach the ground produce neutrons that pass right through the shielding around satellite and avionics … Continue reading

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I've Been Busy. Here Are Some Links.

Yes, April has been on of my busiest months in years, so I haven’t had time to write as much as I would like. May will be all kinds of awesome. In the interim, here are some links I crafted, … Continue reading

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Look what I found on eMusic- Richard Feynman

The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out by Richard Phillips Feynman I’m not a big audiobook guy, but I do drive to work, so it might not be a bad idea to occasionally flex my brain a little bit on the … Continue reading

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