30 Days Until the Boston Marathon- Update on All Kinds of Things


So far I’ve run 212 miles training for the race. I’ve got 30 days to go. I’ve got one more really important workout, a 22 miler on Easter Sunday. After that it’s just taper and figure out where I’m going to eat dinner on Marathon Monday. Let’s hope it’s not takeout sitting in an ice bath.

At this point I’m basically tired all the time. I know that it gets better the closer I get to the marathon as my weekly mileage goes down, but it still doesn’t feel great to be this tired. I just have to remind myself- just 30 more days!

Two fundraising notes

I’m running an auction starting next week to raise some money. I’m selling comics and some of my art. It should be fun!

My fundraiser at Ole is the 30th. I’d love to see you there!

In addition to those two events, I’m still asking for anything you can give to help support safer bicycling in Massachusetts. Every little bit helps me get closer to my goal. If you’ve been thinking about donating, now’s the time! I can’t tell you how much it means to me to see the support I’ve already received.

Scenes from training

Slushy 3rd long run for the #bostonmarathon #runbold

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Starting my first double digit run at a familiar spot #runbold #bostonmarathon

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1st training run #runbold

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