It’s Bikes Not Bombs Bike-a-Thon Time Again. Please Donate to Support My 80 Mile Ride!

Please Donate! $5, $10, $25… it all helps!


I’m 39 days away from the Bikes Not Bombs Bike-a-Thon 2014. I’m now opening the fundraising portion of my year. I’d like to raise $500 this year, so if you can chip in a few dollars, that would be great.

Bikes Not Bombs is a great organization dedicated to using the bicycle for social change. It’s also a great bike shop with friendly, knowledgeable staff. What’s not to love?

Big thanks to everyone who’s donated over the years. You’re all awesome.


Normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I would notice, but I do multiple 40+ miles rides every year. This year, with the crap-ass winter we had, I’m actually in the position where I have to build some mileage. Commuting is good, but I’d also like to see some weather nice enought that I feel like going out for 50 miles on a Wednesday (indie consulting FTW.) Feel free to ping me if you’re playing hooky and want a guide to the roads south of the city.

This is me after 64 miles in 2011. I will look slightly more crushed this year. I will also be rocking my Boston bikes jersey and not honoring Thomas “Hollywood” Voeckler

a fun ride, capped off with a big hippy party

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