Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 In Photos (And Some Random Text)

As I do every year, I went to Art Basel Miami Beach. Also as I do every year, I went and didn’t go as an artist. I just go down there to check out art, run on Miami Beach and generally have a good time. Let this post serve as a record of my trip.

I drew this



Invader is all over the place down there. I caught these. I don’t know how many I might have missed.

invader miami beach

invader lincoln road miami beach

invader. collins ave miami beach

invader art basel miami beach- london house

invader in wynwood that I forgot to walk over and get a better shot of like an asshat


Wynwoowd continues to be a zoo. It’s basically 10-20 square blocks off kaleidoscope. Here are some shots that I like:

phreke ks


clown vomit part two

clown vomit

i love this wall

freek atomik slabs

The Show

The show itself this year was actually underwhelming for me this year. Last year just seemed to have a lot more oomph. Still there were some cool things to see.

big shot



Ferdinand Kriwet

Can’t wait for next year!

a fancy drink

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