Movies 2010 #28 High Kick Girl

I really liked High Kick Girl. I’ll write a little bit about it in just a second, but if you’d like to skip that and want to know if you should watch this film, merely watch the following trailer. If you like what you see in the trailer, then rent or buy this film, because the film delivers on the promise of the trailer.

What I liked most about this film is the almost complete lack of any meaningful plot. I’m serious. While I’m a fan of the sprawling, complicated martial arts epics of the style Tsui Hark made in the 1990s and directors like Ang Lee and Zhang Yimou perfected in the 2000s, sometimes I want a martial arts movie to be a pure fight delivery vehicle. This is one such vehicle, and a good one. The fights are crisp and Rina Takeda is a fine screen fighter. It’s also 80 minutes long so it serves as a nice little chunk of ass-kicking cinema.

Definitely worth your time if you’re not too particular about plot.

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