They're Tearing Up the Streets Around My House- Are They Trying to Get Me Excited for the Tour?

I ride to work at least once or twice a week now that I work at an office that’s properly accessible by bike. Cramer I had to cross the highway to get to- not fun, really.

Anyway, I rode in today and was surprised to find Centre Street torn up. They’re repaving the entire street, which made for a fun first half mile. Riding my junky commuter bike (complete with fenders, rack, lights, a bell and panniers) over gnarly, torn-up pavement was a loud, clangy blast. It also got me excited for Stage 3 of this year’s Tour, which promises cobbles and a “hint of the classics.”

I’m seriously excited about that stage, both for the potential pitfalls as the GC men try to avoid punctures and madness (see Stage 7 of this year’s Giro for a similar profile and the potential mayhem this stage could cause) and for the head-bangers delight as the one-day men fight for one of the most prestigious stages in this year’s Tour.

One thing that’s disappointing is that they wimped out and avoided the trouée d’Arenberg. I understand the thought-they don’t want to completely destroy the peloton, but it’s such a tease to be within shouting distance of the famous Paris-Roubaix landmark and not charge through it.

But really, do you want to see Andy Schleck and The Accountant bouncing around over this:


Well, maybe I kinda do, but that’s not what the Tour is all about, so the Arenberg is out. I’ll ride extra hard over the nasty patch outside my house to make up for it 🙂

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