Every Deck I Skated Between 12/85 and 7/88

I actually put together a hand written list (20+ years ago) of all the decks I’d skated until that point. Now I’m sharing it with you.

Thanks to some fine folks over at flickr, I’ve also got some visual reference:

Powell Peralta - Tony Hawk (1987) Hosoi-ChristianHosoi-1986-Hammerhead-Pink vision hippie stick, circa 1987 Santa Monica Airlines Natas Kaupas Bulldog Deck

Here’s the list:

  • 12/85 Santa Cruz Special Edition
  • 4/86 Alva Dagger
  • 4/86 Vision Hippy Stick
  • 7/86 Skull Skates Hosoi Hammerhead
  • 8/86 Santa Cruz Roskopp 3
  • 10/86 Vision Gator
  • 11/86 Powell Steve Caballero
  • 12/86 SMA Natas Kaupas
  • 2/86 Santa Cruz Roskopp 6
  • 3/87 Santa Cruz Claus Grabke
  • 6/87 Santa Cruz Roskopp 6
  • 6/87 Santa Cruz Roskopp 6
  • 7/87 Blockhead Sam Cunningham
  • 7/87 Schmitt Stix Monty Nolder
  • 9/87 Powell Tony Hawk
  • 10/87 SMA Natas Kaupas
  • 12/87 SMA Natas Kaupas
  • 1/88 SMA Natas Kaupas
  • 2/88 Powell Tony Hawk
  • 3/88 Vision Mark Gonzales
  • 5/88 Santa Cruz Jeff Kendall
  • 6/88 Powell Tony Hawk
  • 7/88 Powell Tony Hawk

Looking back on the list, I have the fondest memories of the Tony Hawk “Chicken Skull,” and the later Natas deck.

The Tony Hawk deck, by the way, would frighten kids today. It was a beast the size of a Buick and I loved it. 32 inches long, I think? 11 inches wide? Something like that. I’m sure Google could tell me the exact dimensions, but guessing is more fun.

Missing from this list is a later deck that I absolutely loved, the Dogtown Eric Dressen from 1988-89. I rode about six of those. My favorite deck of all time.

Apparently, they go for good money these days…

If anyone wants to pick on up for me, my birthday is coming up soon. That’s a perfect excuse!


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