What's Even Better than the Celtics Potentially Winning #17?

Reading a new article I co-wrote about social networks?


With tens of millions of active, loyal users and an unprecedented ability to differentiate users based on their interests and affiliations, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace offer a rich opportunity for events to increase their audience, focus their offerings, and extend the reach of their event beyond the convention hall.

Read the rest:

Using Social Networking to Market Meetings

My published writing credits have taken an odd turn over the past couple of months. Where in the old days they were almost entirely based around movies they now includes an article for Rare Book Review and this article for Association Meetings magazine.

Thanks to Rob Everton for getting me involved.

*and by “yes,” I mean no. If the Celtics don’t seal the deal tonight I’m going to be a bundle of nerves for the next two days. After the Patriots in the Super Bowl I’m not quite ready for another disappointment and I don’t want to get down to a seventh game with the Lakers. Even though I think the Celtics are the superior team, injuries to key Celtics and the presence of Kobe are enough to make me sweat when thinking about a potential game seven.

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