This is some crazy stuff…

“Given the right director, Hattogate has the makings of an excellent noir melodrama, so here is its synopsis: born in 1928, Joyce Hatto was a more or less unknown British pianist who “retired” from the concert platform she so seldom graced in 1976.

“Many years later, recordings, allegedly by Hatto and allegedly recorded “at home” on her Steinway piano, began to emerge on her husband’s Concert Artists label – although it was never convincingly explained how Hatto had managed to fit entire symphony orchestras into her lounge.

“By the time of her death last year, no fewer than 104 “Hatto” discs had been released, garnering rave reviews and transforming the barely known ivory-tinkler into a cult heroine. There was just one problem: the recordings weren’t hers.”

The Hatto scandal is no human tragedy – but it might make a melodrama

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