Your primitive human intelligence can't comprehend the power of our moon bombs.

Did Ignignokt really shut down Boston yesterday?

See what happens while I’m away?


Engadget has a good picture of one in place.

I’m thinking you’d have to be shit-faced to think that was a bomb. Of course (I’m proud to say) that’s not a problem here in Boston đŸ™‚ We have plenty of drunks to go around. Still, I can’t imagine how much whiskey I’d have to work my way through to mistake that glorified lite brite for a city crippling bomb. I would probably call it a night and crawl off to bed long before I got to that point.

There’s one for sale on eBay:

eBay: Mooninites (Ignignokt) LED Advertising Bomb (item 130075321405 end time Feb-07-07 17:07:32 PST)

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