Movies 2010 #8 Shutter Island

I liked the book. As a movie, Shutter Island, manages to illustrate just how preposterous and insane the book really was. This isn’t necessarily a good thing. The madness of the book, brought to the silver screen in this particular manner, loses its appeal pretty rapidly. It’s all taken so seriously by Scorsese that the fun of it is drained out and all we’re left with is a big pile of crazy.

Not fun crazy.

I went in wanting to like it. It’s just… goofy? There are some gross bits, and some creepy bits, and some scary bits, but overall it’s just doesn’t capture the page-turning excitement of the book. This is the kind of book I stay up all night to finish. The movie?

Not so much.

I did see this at the Lux Level in Dedham, which helped make it an enjoyable night on the town. I just wish the movie lived up to the amenities…

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