Still Cranking out Drawings and Smashing My Head Against the Site Redesign

For those of you keeping score, I’m probably 75% done with the site redesign now. I just need to work on the WordPress integration. The problem with that in terms of is that it’s not like just making a theme and being done with it. Since it fits in with the rest of the site, it’s a little more complicated than it normall is to get the wordpress section up and running.

Oh well.

I’m making good progress so the big relaunch is coming soon. Really. Fucking. Soon. I swear. If it doesn’t I’ll probably curl up in a ball and cry for a week as it’s a big fat pile of hard work.

After all that, here’s a drawing. Some of you might recognize a very specific influence in this one. Don’t ask me why it bubbled up now. I have no answer for that.

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