Movies 2010 #3 Serenity

In some ways I’m lucky I didn’t watch Firefly when it was originally aired because I feel like I’d still be depressed about it being canceled. I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. A funny, action-packed, scruffy, western, space opera? What’s not to like?

So I have a feeling I’d have been gutted if this show was pulled out from underneath me. Watching it like I did, on DVD over a couple of months, knowing it was going to end was fine. Slightly bittersweet, to be honest, but still fun.

And at least they got to make Serenity, which wraps things up in a satisfying, big-screen kind of way.

I feel like it would work well as a standalone story, but as the finale to the series it’s damn good stuff. There were about a million threads to tie up at the end and while they weren’t able to clear up everything they did enough that I won’t go insane wondering about how it might have been resolved for the rest of my life.

No one wants that.

In a perfect world, I’d be watching season 10 of Firefly right now after having spent a glorious 6 months catching up with the series. This isn’t a perfect world, so Serenity will have to do 🙂

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