Movies 2009 #30 Casablanca

I’m way behind on reviews. I saw Casablanca at the Brattle weeks ago now and am just getting around to writing about it.

I’m awful. I know it.

Anyway, is there any better place in the world to see Casablanca than the Brattle? For starters, it’s classic art-house repertory cinema and the Brattle is the classic art-house. Beyond that, the Theater has a history with the movie, so there’s an extra special feeling associated with seeing it there. See, in the 1950s the Brattle made a tradition of showing Bogie’s films during final exam week at Harvard. It was very popular and people would come in costume, recite lines of dialog and sing along to the Marseillaise. So there’s a hint of that in the air whenever Bogart graces the screen there. And that’s awesome.

Do I really need to talk about the movie? Can I just say it’s incredible? Cool. Because I’ll just leave it at that. No one needs me to talk about Casablanca again 🙂

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