10 for 10: Top Ten Albums

10 for 10

My list is a little different than the rest of the lists you might be seeing floating around the net these days as it starts with the launch of this site (which occurred a few months before the clock ticked over) and not 1/1/2000. It overlaps enough that it seems like it makes sense to launch this one right now. Especially since my entire list actually falls within the middle of this decade.

10. Arcade Fire: Funeral

While I probably like individual songs on Neon Bible more than anything on this record, the seamless whole here puts it over the top. And that’s not to say the individual songs on Funeral are anything to sneeze at. For proof pick any song called Neighborhood (*) or the obvious movie trailer fueling Wake Up.

9. Interpol: Turn on the Bright Lights

Yes, they sound like Joy Division. That’s not a bug that’s a feature. Another one that forms a more complete whole. There are later songs on Antics especially that I like more as singles (Evil being the prime example) but this is a far superior disc.

8. The Streets: Original Pirate Material

The groundbreaking debut. I’m weird in that I like the follow-up more than this album, but I still like this one just fine. I mean, if the only thing Mike Skinner ever did was Weak Become Heroes he’d be a genius.

7. The National: Boxer

This is one of my favorite songs of the decade. The whole record is a a big moody classic, but this song is like storytelling crack to me. It’s a three minute movie.

6. The Libertines: The Libertines

Again, we’re presented with a band that sounds like other bands. And again, that’s a positive. Take some influence from The Clash, throw in a bit The Jam and mix that all in with the undeniable talent and the tabloid drama of the Barat/Doherty team and you walk away with a brilliant, depressing supernova of a career.

No single song captures that story better than What Became of the Likely Lads. The sound, the story, and the interplay between the two- this song is The Libertines..

5. Bloc Party: Silent Alarm

If I had to burn myself out running or riding my bike and had to choose one album to fuel that workout, Silent Alarm would be the record I’d listen to. It’s still an exhilarating experience even after having listened to it for years in just that situation. I’ve liked their albums since, but nothing really holds a candle to the energy I get out of this album.

4. Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend

Pop perfection. I think I listened to this album for three months. I’m still not tired of it and their newest record is right around the corner.

3. The Strokes: Is This It

I, like a lot of people, was obsessed with this record for a while.As far as I’m concerned they more than lived up to the incredible hype.

2. The Streets: A Grand Don’t Come for Free

I got into this album in a big way. I went through a whole series of discoveries:

Wait, this is a concept album?

Is this Hip Hopera? Trapped in the Closet if it were English and insanely fucking good?



Let me give it another listen.

The individual songs are all great, but the full story arc of the album is truly greater than the sum of the parts. Getting through the whole ridiculous mess and then finally hearing the piano come in on the "rewind" section on Empty Cans? Fuck yes.

1. Wilco: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Perfect album. Colored a full year of my life. Couple it with the documentary I Am Trying to Break Your Heart – A Film About Wilco for a full view of one of the decade’s great stories.

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