Books 2009 #1 Gone, Baby, Gone

Well, it took nearly two months for me to sit down to a book, and once I did I ripped through it in a couple of days.

I watched an interview with Denni Lehane a few weeks ago and I realized that I’d probably love his books. I’d never really been interested in his stuff, but watching him talk changed that. I realized that he and I come from similar backgrounds. That realization was like a flipped switch.

I started with Gone, Baby, Gone. I chose it basically at random. It’s apparently #4 in a 5 book series, but that really didn’t matter as the book felt very self-contained.

As is evidenced by the fact that I tore through it, I thought it was a great read. It’s a gritty, fast paced mystery and it takes place in Dorchester. It’s not a travelogue, he admits up front that he plays fast and loose with the, but it really captures the flavor of the city and definitely evokes seedy vibe that lives on under the surface in Boston’s neighborhoods.

I’m definitely going to be checking out the rest of the series.

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