Movies 2008 #23 Midnight Run

Midnight Run I’d seen this before of course. Still, even on this third or fourth viewing Midnight Run more than holds its own. It’s funny, exciting, and features a couple of great performances by Charles Grodin and Robert Deniro.

I was also reminded how much I miss real stunts. Obviously nothing here was of the caliber of what you’d see in 1980s vintage Hong Kong action, but it was still brave men and women doing scary things in a real physical space. As exciting as they can make CGI these days there’s nothing as thrilling to me as seeing real stuntmen doing their thing. Here we had some car chases, riding some rapids sans raft, a couple of big jumps into water. Nothing incredible, but still a lot more exciting than watching a rubbery computer generated uber-avatar do the same thing.

On another note… HOLY CRAP I’VE ONLY SEEN 23 MOVIES THIS YEAR. There were weeks back in the day where I probably watched 23 movies.


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