Ivan Basso Signs With Liquigas

Still months away from his return to competitive cycling (October 24th, for those of you keeping track), Ivan Basso today signed with Liquigas. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the deal is for one million Euros over two years. The contract is for 2009-10, but there’s no news on exactly when he’ll make his return to racing.

ivan basso, paolo bettini, fabian cancellara
Photo of Basso, Bettini and Cancellara (c) Ken Conley kwc.org/cycling/photography/

English coverage from VeloNews:

VeloNews | Ivan Basso will return to racing on the Liquigas team | The Journal of Competitive Cycling

Italian coverage from La Gazzetta:

Basso torna con la Liquigas

More coverage from La Gazetta (an exclusive interview):

Basso: “Grazie Liquigas Rinasco e torno a vincere”

“I am reborn and return to win”

Nothing major, he just talks about why he chose Liquigas (they’re an Italian team, they’ve been competitive, they have a grand plan for the next couple of years) and some slightly philosophical stuff- based on the question “Who, today, is the man Basso, rider and father? “

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