New to Me Thanks to WERS- Kate Nash

There’s a lot about her to like, but the directness (and Britishness) of the lyrics reminds me of The Streets, which is a big plus- A Grand Don’t Come For Free maybe being my favorite album of the decade so far.*

WERS feeds me new music at an alarming rate, by the way. I love it. Whatever we send them every year probably isn’t enough based on the amount of new music I come away with annually. Yeah, there are clunkers- they played some doo-wop, acappella thing while I was waiting for my girlfriend at the train station and and that creepy “Pretty Little Thing” song pretty much forces me to change the channel whenever it comes on, but for the most part I can listen straight through for hours at a time. A monumental achievement for a radio station.

While we’re here and we’re talking about music, WERS favorite Elvis Perkins has been on heavy rotation recently as well. There’s a bit of Neutral Milk hotel in his work. Good stuff.

*either that or Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

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