Does Hewlett-Packard (HP) Customer Service Always Suck?

Or was it just me, tonight?

My five month old machine which died 13 days ago and was supposed to be shipped back to me today, is now scheduled to ship back to me on 12/28/2007. Yes, it’s true. An estimate of 7-10 days for the repair has now turned into 4 weeks.

Thank you for lying to me HP customer support!

I called to see what the story was and instead of getting some relief (or even some good information,) I was passed between 4 script reading, off-shored zombies- none of whom could deviate one iota from the predetermined, completely useless, HP customer service pathway.

And then I was disconnected.

To say I’m frustrated is a grand understatement. I’m going to call back tomorrow or Sunday and am going to immediately ask to speak to a supervisor- if just to get someone savvy enough to understand that a frustrated customer needs a little more than the standard question/response pattern they train these guys on. I understand that these things happen- parts can be tough to get, whatever (although I’m still pissed it will take a month.) What I want is someone to actually work at trying to make me a happy customer. The poor folks* I talked to tonight just weren’t doing that. I felt like I was talking to a series of buck-passing robots.

At this point? My first HP laptop purchase will be my last. We’ll see how things go from here on in. Right now, I miss my old Dell and will tell anyone that asks that Hewlett-Packard (HP) computers are to be avoided.

Can they come back from the brink?

*I honestly feel bad for them. Dealing with angry customers all day can’t be fun.

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