Movies 2007 #52 Renaissance


And with that I get my average up to a movie a week. Which is sad, since I used to watch three or four movies a week.

Maybe I’m out of movies?

Erm… How long is my Netflix queue?


I guess I’m not out of movies…

Damn this adult existence.

Anyway, Renaissance is a remarkable visual and technical achievement in search of a worthy story. The story that is there is okay, but it’s so cookie cutter and derivative (Blade Runner being the greatest donor) it just feels like one big fat pile of *meh.*

Thankfully the look of this films kicks the donkey’s ass. I’ll be doing brush and ink drawings all week just to work through the brain buzzing influence of this film. It’s like a really good black and white comic that moves.

It’s truly worth checking out just for the look of it alone.

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