Movies 2007 #48 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Yeah, it took me long enough. I’m just happy I was able to catch it in theaters. I thought it was DVD or bust with this one.

Review? This is an enjoyable action-movie retelling of the sometimes excruciating fifth book in the Harry Potter series.

I enjoyed it more than I normally would considering how much of the book was left untold. Normally I’m left wishing X was included or that I got a glimpse of Y. Thing is, with this particular book, the stuff that was left out was so unpleasant (although at the same time awesome) I don’t think I minded all that much. Yes, Umbridge was still evil and Harry was still pissed off the whole time, but it wasn’t the unrelenting hundreds of pages of it that took up in the book. Here it was a much more manageable portion of the film. Which is a good thing. Three hours of Potter Angst would have been a bit much for my delicate constitution.

By the way- the finale? Yeah. I’ve been waiting for that scene since I read the book and the wait was worth it. Crazy fun stuff.

I can ‘t wait until I can watch all seven back to back to back…

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