Happy Halloween Hong Kong Style

Hopping Vampires, Taoist Priests… Yes. Yes. If you’ve got the chance, curl up today with some classic Hong Kong supernatural hijinks. Here’s some Youtube goodness to whet your whistle:

The Final Battle From Sammo Hung’s Spooky Encounters 2

Sammo was a real trend-setter in this area. This is finale from the sequel to his original Encounters of the Spooky Kind/Spooky Encounters.

The Mr. Vampire Trailer

Lam Ching Ying is the classic Taoist Priest/Vampire Killer in this beloved series of films.

The First Five or so Minutes of A Chinese Ghost Story

Rent it now if you’ve never seen it and just pick up where this bit leaves off…

Shaolin vs. Evil Dead Trailer

I haven’t actually seen this yet. Shame on me.

and what the hell

The “Daoist Rap” from A Chinese Ghost Story

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