More Random Sports Musings.

World Track and Field Championships

Thanks to Versus for broadcasting a full week of the World Championships. After a full week, here’s a list of people I’m looking forward to seeing in Beijing next year:

  • Tyson Gay: “The Fastest Man in the World,” will obviously be one of the major draws next year. His top end speed is magnificent and his battles with Powell will make for great television
  • Bernard Lagat: The naturalized American citizen who pulled off the 1500-5000 meter double in Osaka has a deadly finishing kick. that and the fact that he’s just so happy to be running for America. He’s a lot of fun to watch.
  • Allyson Felix: She’s young and very, very good. If there’s a face for the women of US Track next year she’s a mighty fine candidate. And she might be that face in 2012 as well.
  • Blanka Vlasic: this Croatian high jumper is really good (and I mean really good) and she did little dances after her successful jumps. Which made me laugh. I like laughing. Here’s (croatian?) video of her jump from the Championships:
  • Heptathlete Carolina Klüft is another amazing competitor who really gets into her celebrations. She truly gets geeked out when she does well, which is way fun for me to watch. She’s very easy to root for. Check this Swedish video of her performance for examples of bother her talent and her exuberance

La Vuelta a Espana 2007

Bummer that Danielson crashed out so soon into the race. I have no idea who’s going to win this race this year. without a clear favorite all ll I really care about is that it’s competitive (especially in the sprints) and that there are no significant doping stories.

I’m lucky to be working from home this week, so I can follow some important stages more easily. They’ve front loaded the Vuelta with a lot of action in the first week, so it’s worked out perfectly.

Clay Buckholz and the Red Sox

I was lucky to catch most Buckholz’s no hitter. I was in the middle of dinner down on the Cape for the first couple of innings, but we finished just in time to catch the really dramatic moments live. What a way to break out of their mini-slump. A blowout no-hitter. It doesn’t get much better than that. Of course, in the grand scheme of things the next day was even better as the Yankees lost their second of three games against the Devil Rays and the Sox lead went back up to 6 (and their magic number went down to 20.) As I’ve said all year, if the Sox win the Division, the year is a success for me. Everything beyond that is gravy.

Congrats Levi/Dave Z

Leipheimer won U.S. pro road crown and Dave Zabriskie defended his US Time Trial crown this weekend..

Now if we can just find out who Levi will be riding for next year…

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