Trapped in the Closet returns

I came to the party pretty late with the whole Trapped in the Closet thing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the return of R. Kelly’s unbelievable “hip hopera”

IFC pulled of the coup of the year and they’re hosting the new chapters:

Trapped in the closet

If I weren’t supposed to be working tonight I’d go through the original episodes right now to get myself pumped up for the sequel. There are moments in the original that had me cackling like a madman.

Oh hell… I might just do it anyway.

I’m having a hard time deciding what the best moment is. It’s chock full of hilarity.

Sadly, the above link, which should cover all of 1-12 actually craps out about 20 seconds from the end. If you’ve just got to know the last line (although it is telegraphed), check out this standalone version from youtube for the last chapter.

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