Tour de France Stage 5- Random thoughts: One tense, rolling, day

  • I was saying, when Bob Roll and Al Trautwig were making a big issue of no Astana riders coming back to pace Kloeden into the peloton, “if that was vino, the sholw team would be back there.” Little did I know that would be the case not an hour later. If Vino doesn’t win the Tour now, and it’s because of that crash? That’s a damned shame. I expect him, if he’s healthy, to do something nuts over the weekend.
  • I actually lost track of which GC men went down and which didn’t. All I know is Levi survived unscathed. He also appeared on TV for the first time in a week. He’s been protected well during the first week.
  • Think CSC is ready to give up the jersey? I’m sure Schleck/Sastre would like to see it go.
  • I would have paid money to see Cancellara and Popovych battle it out over the last couple of kilometers. Too bad they both went off the road.
  • Speaking of which, it was nice to see Discovery involved for the first time this week.

I’ll be late on stages 6-7-8, but the randomness will come. Oh the fun we’ll have.

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