Tour de France Stage 14- Random thoughts

A great stage.

So… is Contador the next great cycling star? Is that what we’re seeing? The unveiling of the heir of both Indurain (being Spanish) and Lance Amrstrong (riding for Lance’s American team?) Obviously, he’s got a long way to go before real comparisons can even begin to be made to those two great champions, but he’s looked so very strong in this race. I mean, I’ve been high on Contador all year and had high hopes for him in this race, but this is well beyond my expectations. It’s nice to see him doing so well in this race and with Andy Schleck’s result in the Giro, we’re starting to replenish the top level of the sport a little bit and starting to establish some new stars. Which is what the sport needs in this troubled, post-Armstrong era*.

Discovery in general looked phenomenal. George and Popo doing all that tempo and then both Levi and Contador taking advantage in a big way. It was fun to see. I would like to have seen Levi be a little more aggressive when Evans and Kloden dropped back. He took time out of them, but not enough to get himself up into a podium position. There’s still time to do some work, but yesterday was a golden opportunity to improve his lot in the race. whatever happens with Contador, I really want to see Levi standing on the podium in Paris.

I feel bad for David Millar. He worked like a donkey at the front of the peloton for Mayo and as soon as the race starts in earnest Mayo fell off the pace. Way to reward Millar’s hard work…

Two more days of hills, then the time trial. Lots of drama left 🙂

*that and a long string of clean races/results.

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