Movies #28 – Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon

Skinny Tiger and Fatty Dragon Maybe not the best Hong Kong action film from the period, but it’s still a reminder of just how good the 80s style actioner was. This one has three of the elements I enjoy most about Hong Kong action films from that time- good fights, funny comic relief from Karl Maka and the pure presence of Sammo Hung Kam-Bo.

Here’s a clip that shows a lot of what I’m talking about.

For those of you unfamiliar, Maka is the bald guy. I think he’s a great comic actor. His timing and mannerisms are funny in any language and he’s not a bad screen fighter which makes him a perfect fit for films like this and the Aces go Places series. Sammo is just plain special. One of the best choreographers, action directors, screen fighters, etc. etc. etc. of all time, it’s just a pure joy to watch him in a fight scene. His size mixed with his ability make for a still stunning sight even after all these years. Maybe I’ll start working my way through the 80s again. Oh wait…. what’s that I hear? Police Story* is calling to me? Yes it is….

*The last reel of Police Story is the greatest action sequence of all time. It’s the purest expression of what makes Jackie so great. It’s ten minutes of blistering fights, jaw dropping stunts, and general mayhem. It’s just unbelievable. Here’s a rip of the scene on youtube. For bonus points, watch Maggie Cheung, one of the world’s great actresses, play the role of the helpless girlfriend.

I love Maggie.

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