Damn- Graffiti vandal gets 16 months in jail for second offense

LA graffiti vandal gets 16 months in jail for second offense

What I want to know is- what did he write?

He was busted because he just forged ahead using the same name. That’s exactly the kind of “fuck it” attitude I was talking about when I commented on the new $300 a tag fine here in Boston for the Dig. The really hardcore vandals don’t care about consequences. The things you have to do as an active writer trying to really get over demand an absolute dismissal of negative consequences. Negative consequences are there and maybe even acknowledged, but also completely ignored with the same “It’ll never happen to me attitude” that shields people of all walks of life from doing the things they should/shouldn’t do (e.g. “I’ll never get cancer, I’ll skip my prostate exam/won’t wear sunscreen/will continue to smoke.”)

Speaking of hardcore vandals, here are some vandalicious photos from my flickr:

MQ DMS in San Francisco
MQ San Francisco Street Bombing

REVS AMAZE in New York City
revs amaze new york street graffiti

MISS 17 in NYCee
miss 17 new york street graffiti

earsnot new york street graffiti

RJ in Boston
RJ Alley shot

RYZE* in Boston
Boston/Allston Street Bombing


* not only did he say nice things about me when no one was looking, but I really appreciate people like RYZE now. Sure, back in the day we had issues, but whatever they were that dude bombed and was just an all around complete writer. Looking around at all the people that fake it in Boston right now, I have a greater appreciation for how strong the scene was back in the day in terms of people putting in work in every aspect and trying to make a real name for themselves on the streets in addition to piecing at chill spots and sending in flicks to magazines or whatever. Nowadays people are happy to paint under some bridge, post their shit on the Internet and call it a career. Sad.

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