Some old school 1980s Boston skateboarding photos

With a little bit of graffiti thrown in for good measure. These are from the Skateboarding issue of Graphic Violence, a magazine a few of us put together way back when. The title went on to be used by Target for his graffiti magazine. I’m going to scan and post the entire issue of the skateboarding version online some time this week. Fun times.

Here are some highlights:

Me and Scott MacIntosh doing wall rides in JP at a contest we put together.

Frontside Wall Ride

Ram skating Turtles


Rob Gangemi at maybe 12 or 13: Check out the fucking Jordans. We ALL rocked those at that point.

young rob gangemi

Me and Scott again.

the wall masters

“Miracle” Mike Bell

miracle mike

Me doing a crazy frontside boneless at Metals.

frontside boneless metals

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