Great Graffiti Crew Names

This is going to be crazy biased towards Boston and New York Crews, since, well, I don’t know crews from outside of Boston and New York as well as I know those two areas. The criteria is simple. If I really like the name, it’s on the list (a list I’ll be adding to as I think of them, so keep checking in)….

Feel free to offer up suggestions. especially from other areas, in the comments section

Speaking of bias, I left IMOK/DIG/BSB out of the list since I don’t want to look like Johnny Biased.

DESTINY: Destroy Every Subway Train In New York. That’s pure poetry. Whoever came up with that should be in some sort of hall of fame. That crew name is so cool it sounds too good to be true- like some Hollywood screenwriter caught a bolt of lightning in a bottle and came up with it for his unfilmed masterpiece, Beat Street 2.

In comment #60, BrooklynGraffitiHead Says

The Destiny Kings… The most bad ass crew name ever in my opinion. From Brooklyn, New York. The crew mainly consisted of the chinese brothers Nike and Taze, Sed161, DB, and Venom aka: Mark5. Destroying Every Subway Train In New York was at the height of the clean train movement in the late 80’s early 90’s, and was their most active period. Now, no trains, so … Destroying Every Single Thing In New York. These guys are in their 30’s and still get up in Brooklyn with fresh styles in very out of the way places. Catching a Nike or Taze piece is like seeing a Sasquatch, very rare, but very cool. Their other crews are Taze.FYM: Fuck Your Mother, Sed161.RIH: Rot In Hell, and Voodoo Crew.

WKS: We Kill Shit. That sums up NYC graffiti pretty well and definitely sums up the crew’s most famous member, VFR, who absolutely killed shit.

BYI: Beyond Your Imagination/ Brooklyn Youth Idols. “Bee Why Eye.” It just sounds cool. It’s got a nice rhythm and what it means is pretty cool to boot.


X-MEN: I love comics. Of course I’m going to include this one.

CBS: California Bomb Squad/ Can’t Be Stopped. Both meanings are really fresh to me. [we] Can’t Be Stopped. That’s like some serial killer action.

MBTA: Masters Behind The Arts. For those of you outside the Boston area MBTA is also the name of our local transit authority. That’s clever. It was a dope crew too.

FAT: Fuck All Toys. Should be pretty self-explanatory.

AWOL: Artists WithOut Limits. Dope crew name from a dope 80s Boston crew.

SPORTS: Sick People Out Rockin The Streets, Sick People Over Running The System. A truly classic name from a classic (to me) crew. SPORTS, along with IMOK, was one of the first truly regional crews that I knew of. Both crews stretched from Boston down to Washington, DC in an era long before the Internet.

MSK: Mad Society Kings, Many Shall Kneel. My love of that crew name really springs from the Mad Society Kills For Pride block buster in the LA River basin (which I haven’t seen a photo of for years.)

SABER San Francisco Street Bombing

WOL Way of Life. That sums up graffiti for some people in three little words.

cromag rip

AMPM All Mighty Psychedelic Motherfuckers. A small, but influential crew from back in the day in Boston. A truly classic crew name for me.


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