Movies 2007 #12 The Most Beautiful and #13 The OH in Ohio

Most Beautiful An interesting film from Kurosawa. From the perspective of craft, it’s a real treat. The editing, pace and shot composition throughout show real flashes of brilliance. From the perspective of story, for my money at least, the film is less successful, although it does have its moments. The biggest problem for me is that I really couldn’t get behind any of the characters- women who are absolutely gung-ho for the Japanese war effort. It really felt like watching a window into another culture at times. Which of course it is- just more so than the average Japanese film because of the time it was made and the pro-war focus. It’s interesting because of it, I just felt detached from the whole film.

The OH in Ohio A funny little comedy starring Parker Posey- an actress I used to hate and now adore. Seriously, she’s the bee’s knees.

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