From My Inbox: Opera Boston + Boston's Weekly Dig

This is a very cool thing. I got this email from The Weekly Dig’s Craig Kapilow. Opera is the shit*:

“Hey all,

I wanted to reach out and let you know about a special work related project that I’m unbelievably excited about, and hopefully it will interest you as well.

Late last year, I was approached by Opera Boston (far more contemporary than Boston Lyric Opera) with the hopes of working together to increase the interest in opera amongst our general age group. We decided on partnering with their existing operas, while producing smaller, more intimate affairs in non-traditional opera venues.

We launched with an event (and yes I suck for not mentioning it earlier) called Opera Underground, essentially a bare bones $5 opera at the Lizard Lounge (there will be another one.) The event completely sold out, and in fact, we had to turn away almost 200 people at the door throughout the night. The event itself was great – you saw tons of older folks enjoying opera next to kids – it was a cool scene..

We’re following this up by presenting the first ever Dig Night at The Opera on Friday, February 23. Essentially, the first performance of every Opera Boston production will be Dig Night! We’ve created a discount price for Dig readers (2 tix for $50,) and will be throwing a free after-party as well – nothing fancy, but somewhere to grab drinks.

We chose Kurt Weil’s The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny to launch the series. Some of you may be familiar with his work – The Doors covered his Alabama Song, and he heavily influenced the likes of David Bowie, the Dresden Dolls, Nick Cave and others. For those that aren’t, visit for more information. If you’d like to purchase tix, you can do so here,, or by phone 1-800-233-3123 and the offer code is OPERADIG (to get the discounted price.)

And in case you were curiousā€¦ pre-press from the Opera Underground
Read all about it:

“Opera Boston brings informal cabaret to the Lizard Lounge”
12/15/06 David Weininger, The Boston Globe

“Where there’s a Weill, there’s a way”
12/18/06 Bobby Hankinson, The Flip Side blog,

Editors’ Picks
The Boston Phoenix

Hopefully you can make it!

Craig ”

*I’m putting my money where my mouth is there as I’ve got tickets for La Boheme in just a couple of weeks.

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