Movies 2006 #44 and #45

I wrote a full review of One Nite in Mongkok.

Yes! A full movie review! Stop the presses! Holy shit! Four years later? Five years? Who knows how long it’s been. I’m a little bit rusty, but it was still fun. More film writing to follow.

The other film was A Very Long Engagement. Based on what I’ve come to expect from from Jean Pierre Jeunet, I was almost disappointed with this film since it was almost straightforward cinema. Don’t misunderstand, it was an excellent, engrossing journey of a film, full of heart and hope. That said, it didn’t have as much of the pure creative wonder that I’ve come to expect from Jeunet. With films like Delicatessen, Amelie and City of Lost Children on his resume seeing a film that follows more traditional methods took some getting used to. Once I got my head wrapped around it, it was all good. Another notch for Jeunet.

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