Rockin' It, Suckers.

Ghost RIS‘s site is live now.

GHOST is the gold standard for that loose AOK/RIS style of piecing that seems like it has swept the globe over the past few years (it’s certainly overrun Boston, much to the city’s detriment*). The problem is, people are looking at copies of copies of copies and ignoring the real source. They should be looking at the flow and style of GHOST instead**. GHOST’s letters are loose, creative and appear to be done off the top of his head; but they always remain in balance, have real structure underneath and, simply, look fresh as hell (that part all the copycats of copycats fail on.)

*based on the skill of 90% of the practitioners. The style, when done well, is still 100% cool in my book.

**actually they should explore their local piecing styles to keep those alive instead of hopping on global letter trends, but that’s another post.

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