Jim Backus

I’m back from Europe.

I’m hanging out watching the Sox play and goofing around on the Net in hopes that I can stay up long enough to get back on some sort of normal schedule. By the clock on the wall I woke up at 1:00AM (7:00 AM in Paris.) Super fun.

Saw a shit-load of graffiti in Amsterdam and on the train ride from Amsterdam to Paris. Paris, in the areas I was in at least, was remarkably clean.

Best thing graf-wise was seeing about a dozen running trains in Holland and Belgium. It was in between naps, but I’m pretty sure I caught two Belgian whole cars. Super sweet.

Amsterdam to Belgium reminded me of Connecticut to New York on the amtrak line in the late 80s early 90s- where there were unbroken pieces side by side for hundreds of miles.

Best thing, other than graf, would be hard to pick out. I saw a lot of cool shit.

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