“Icons – A Legends of Style Production
Saturday, March 18th at the Boston Center for the Arts

For the fourth installment of Legends of Style, Future Classic will present Icons, their first theme driven event that will blend art, design, and fashion at the Boston Center for the Arts. The 23,000 square foot space at the BCA will showcase artwork from more than 30 artists and designers from across the country. But this time around, Future classic decided to add a twist to the LOS format. As Andy Warhol made famous with his Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse and Campbell Soup Can, each artist will present an original piece of an icon, image, or iconoclast.
Icons will be Future Classic’s first theme driven event that will focus on fashion in addition to art and design. To maintain this new focus, Future Classic will present a t-shirt exhibition showcasing designs from some of the most sought after artists, designers, and independent urban brands in the United States.
All art and clothing will be for sale.”

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