Movies 2005(+2) #70-71

Steamboy – Director’s Cut (Widescreen Edition): Typical Otomo, really. Technology out of control, wildly creative tech designs and overall art direction, breakneck pacing… A lot of fun.

Le Samourai – Criterion Collection I’ve seen this a few times now. I really geeked out over the many silent scenes. The first line of dialogue is something like ten minutes into the film and there are several such long stretches without a spoken word. It’s really masterful “showing.” Anyone aspiring screenwriters who can’t wrap their head around the visual power of the medium and can’t shut up should watch this film a bunch of times. With clear, gripping storytelling (and a charismatic leading man like Delon) here’s simply no need to “tell” for most of the film and it’s all the better for it.

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