Movies 2005(+2) #47

Fudoh: The New Generation: Out of all the fucked up things I’ve seen in films over the years, Takashi Miike has to have provided at least half of the top twenty most fucked up moments. This film alone has a half dozen supremely bizarre examples, a couple of which go immediately to the top of the hear in terms of pure insane weirdness. One of them does the impossible- it passes the two sex scenes from Visitor Q for the title of “Strangest sex scene in a Miike film.” If you’re familiar with the perversity of the scenes in question you know that’s saying a fuckload.

This film is off the wall from start to finish and is honestly fun in a lot of ways. Perverse, certainly, and gross… but not painful to watch like some of his films can be and it’s got just enough of a sense of humor to it to keep it from crossing over entirely.

Think John Waters meets Seijun Suzuki.

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